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MCY-MUSIC includes Composition, Musicproduction, Musicpublishing und -label

MCY-MUSIC is where Orient meets Occident. Hip Hop meets Classic.
Classic meets Lounge, Lounge meets Orient, Latin meets Orient ...everything is possible at MCY´s World
Projects like: musical collage ARMIDA, intercultural opera pasticcio by Mehmet. C Yesilcay

Projects and releases:

Mocca Lounge, Mocca Lounge Deux,
Classic goes Lounge, Classic meets Lounge,
Soul of Istanbul, Soul of Istanbul 2010,
Yasar Akpence- Haremde, LatinTurca,
Golden Lounge, MCY -Ex Oriente Lux,
Earth Trip, Oriental Pearls,
Emotions, Vol.1
Cafe Anatolia, Emre Ensemble- Sufimusic,
Ahmet Özhan, Müzeyen Senar,
Ey Hayali - Alaturka Records,
Cantemir Ensemble - Cantemiroglu Edvarindan (Volume 1)
Cantemir Ensemble - Cantemiroglu Edvarindan (Volume 2)
Hasan Esen - Rebab Taksimleri
Safiye-Why do I, Azin feat. Junior Don,
MCY feat. Jade Vallerie, Spaceflight-DVD, Anime with Dolby-Surround production 5.1 (released by Deluxe TV/Shop)

Also important CD Productions by Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay released at major labels:
La Fete du Serail, Amor Oriental, Baroque Oriental, Kaffee für den König, Cafe

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